Identity Crisis
Season One, Episode Four
The Resident - Episode 1.04 (1)
Airdate February 05, 2018
Written by Elizabeth J.B. Klaviter
Directed by Bill D'Elia
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None The Wiser

Identity Crisis is the fourth episode of Season One of The Resident.


After a mix-up in the ER causes Conrad to deliver a death notification to the wrong family, he sets out to fix it. Meanwhile, Nic struggles to find a patient's records who has been under Lane's care, Devon forms a bond with an elderly patient and Mina is benched after overreaching in the surgical unit.


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Recurring Guest Cast

Guest Cast

  • Emily Althaus as Nurse Tiffany
  • Rajeev Jacob as Paramedic Bill
  • Joy Kigin as Paramedic Pat
  • Seth Dousman as Paramedic Sam
  • Jonathon Pawlowski As Paramedic Joe
  • Jennifer Van Horn As Cynthia
  • Deke Anderson as Paul Robinson
  • Jenny O'hara as Shirley Harris
  • Dakin Matthews as Howie Green
  • April Parker-Jones as Dr. Jen Kays
  • Alvin Mitchell as Wendal Mckee
  • Jackie Dallas as Nurse Jill
  • Vincent Foster as Dr. Paul Chu
  • Evan Henderson as Jeremy Skinner
  • Denitra Isler as Nurse Hundley
  • Chrystee Pharris as Nurse Allie
  • Melanie J. Newby as Nurse Madison
  • Patricia French as Nurse Lorraine



The Resident 1x04 Promo "Identity Crisis"

The Resident 1x04 Promo "Identity Crisis"

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